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Last updated 8 Dec  2003

Thanksgiving 2003

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From right, counterclockwise: 
Bill, Chris, Howard, top of Clemens head, Mary.
From left to right: Kathleen, Rachel, Pauline, Bill, Chris, Cathy. From Left counterclockwise: Kathleen, Chris, Howard, Clemens, Mary, Cathy, Maryann


  elaine an dick_dickcrop.jpg (13596 bytes) Some Pictures from Dick's Birthday  

Some New Pictures from the Digital Camera

  • Cathy models
  • ...oops have to go find the others.

Some Christmas/Thanksgiving 2000 Pictures from the "OgniGiones, AngiBene"Clan

A Weekend at the Ognibene Maloney's, Years Ago

With Kathleen's new Camera: Evan Steve, Lucas and Evan,. Ally and Lucas.
Lucas, Ally and Mystery Child.  The Folks smile. 

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Frost Avenue Trio

The Who's Who is from some pictures taken in the garden on Frost Avenue, and Chris and I were trying to sort out which was Chris and which was Pauline.