Lee & David's House in Prospect Harbor

Some pictures of Lee & David's remodel--taken Thursday 12 February 2004.  I am not sure when Lee and David saw it last, so there may be old news here. But there certainly was a lot of new work and work in progress. 

A note re the pictures. The siding is straight--really. The digital pictures when I try to reduce them get what is called a "Moiré" (like the ribbon) effect, which makes the siding look jagged. It isn't. The hardwood floor appears to be in but is all covered by cardboard and there is a sign on the front door: "No shoes on the floor." The new porch on the North side is wonderful--sturdy without being clunky and definitely will keep you out of the rain.

It was also a cloudy, overcast day. The rooms would have been flooded with sunshine if the sun had been out.

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New front Door FrontDoor.jpg (35256 bytes) View out the two South facing windows. Too bad it was an overcast day. theview.jpg (44760 bytes)
Back porch. Much larger than the old one. Looks great. BackPorch.jpg (85696 bytes) Another view of the new porch on the North side BackDoor2.jpg (84930 bytes)
Inside the back door. Ceramic tile is in. Louvered doors are on the storage closet. TileStorage.jpg (41041 bytes) New back door from inside. backdoor.jpg (17555 bytes)
Pantry? in the hall between back door and kitchen. It is the back of the fireplace. Hall Closet.jpg (30771 bytes) View as you come in the back door. ViewfrBkDoor.jpg (23709 bytes)
The kitchen from the living room KitchenfrLR.jpg (49159 bytes) Kitchen from the dining area kitchen.jpg (65423 bytes)
Bathroom cabinets BathroomCab.jpg (29815 bytes) Bathroom closet BathroomCloset.jpg (20749 bytes)
N. W. bedroom. New carpeting down? NorthWBedroom.jpg (39890 bytes) N.W. bedroom closet--where the unused door used to be. I forgot to take a picture from out in the hall but there is a closet there too. NorthWBedroomCloset.jpg (24536 bytes)
Living room with fireplace LivingRmFireplace.jpg (76548 bytes) Living room showing front door StairsFrontdoor.jpg (48316 bytes)
A little patch of flooring flooring.jpg (78118 bytes) Siding on East end. Again, it is nice and straight. The jaggies are a result of reducing the image. SidingEast.jpg (124083 bytes)