Ruth and Clarence "Mac" Crosby 
Cove House

During my stay here in Maine this Fall I have been fortunate to obtain or obtain access to some wonderful old pictures of Cove House, the Crosby's and the neighborhood in general. It seemed like it was time to add a scanner to the computer equipment list, so I have scanned everything that I have been able to.

Thanks to all who gave me the pictures or made them available.
If you have more you would like to add send me electronic or paper input. I will post electronic and scan. post and return paper.

Crosby's and Angiones

A series of pictures of Ruth and Mac and the Angione kids:


The Cove House WAY back. Thanks for John LaF. for the photo! It matches the magnets we got last year.

The Crosby house shortly after it was moved to its current location. It had been the "Fish House" down on the Cove, was moved to the property behind Cove House (what is now the Cove Condo parking area) and finally in the early 1960's to its current location at 6 Railroad Ave. Note the height of the trees and the green cottages next door. And, the awnings that match the ones still on the front of the Cove House.

The Crosby House today. Again, note trees and the charming mustard cottages!
Ruth's Cousin Suzanne (Sue) Bower who came out from California for the Memorial Service.
The "Mystery Kimono"--a wonderful aqua gold embroidered kimono found handing in the crawl space.

Other houses on the street/in the area today:

Old Black and White photos of Mac

(There is a panorama picture of Mac in the Maine Legislature that the scanner just can't handset is too long and framed and sealed.)
  • Mac in the Transportation Dept. Mac is front row, second from right.
  • Mac and the Kennebunk Dump caper. These old black and white 8x10" photos do wonderful scans.

Ruth Crosby Obituary.

Ruth's obituary from the local paper. (It is a PDF.)

And, just for fun

  • an incredible Fungus on a tree in the Port.