September 9, 2003

Danielle, Kevin and All the Cousins

Raleigh, N.C.
Kathleen Angione, first in, with photos from the August 31, 2003 wedding of Danielle Gelinas and Kevin Reiter. Wedding and reception took place on Long Island.

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Family members and friends in attendance included: Maryann, Howard, Christine Angione, Ellie Bergquist, Brig Bergquist, Francie, Mary Angione, Clemens Alt, Kathleen Angione, Bill Anckner, Beth Ognibene, Steve Maloney, Lucas Maloney and Evan Maloney.

bridemom.jpg (56896 bytes)
Danielle and Mom
DaniellePrepped.jpg (24748 bytes)

Danielle Stage 1--post hair pre makeup

KathleenBill.jpg (43782 bytes)

Kathleen and Bill

MaryClemens.jpg (44707 bytes)
Mary and Clemens

EvanKathleenLucasMary.jpg (86032 bytes)
Evan, Kathleen, Lucas, Mary

DadDaughters.jpg (86978 bytes)

Dad and Daughters Angione



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