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Kennebunk Beach Cottages, 1986ish

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Last Updated 12 January 2012

January 12, 2012

Howard found this and sent it months ago but the scanner does not work with my new MacBook and my Toshiba has been in semi-retirement. I dragged the Toshiba out and, voila!. Theory is that this is from mid-1980's. 

October 30, 2011

howard.charlie1.jpg (282984 bytes)H oward sent this photo from the "archives". Howard and Charilie carve a pumpkin.

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October 8, 2010

Brigham, loving husband of Maryann's sister Ellie, died after a long illness. We will miss him.

bebebrig.jpg (18647 bytes)

When I asked Mary and Charlie about Brig's career as a photographer, they pointed out as a highlight, the photo he took of Bebe many years ago--and at the left.

January 16, 2010

There was a gathering in Queens last week--in honor of Maryann's 70th birthday. About 45 people attended. 
And, as you can tell, Maryann WAS surprised, and Danielle and Sue had a great time surprising her. 

Mary, Clemens, Julie, Dawn and Chuck made it up to NYC for the party. Kathleen had to work that weekend, so she, Bill and Nolan were there in spirit

Watch here for some snapshots from Maryann's childhood--coming soon.


March 15, 2007

The house on Fairway. 

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31_HouseAngle.jpg (133133 bytes)


ChrisRealtorEl.jpg (84091 bytes)

The "El" between House and Garage

DiingArea.jpg (65767 bytes)

Dining area between kitchen and El

LivingRm.jpg (34729 bytes) 

Living Room towards front door at left of stairs

Diningrm.jpg (40282 bytes)

Dining Room

KitchCab.jpg (44115 bytes)

Kitchen compact shelving

Kitchensink.jpg (50076 bytes)

Kitchen sink!

GarageTop.jpg (20289 bytes)

Guest Beds Above Garage--there are four


MasterBed1.jpg (23073 bytes)

Master Bedroom

Masterbed2.jpg (31211 bytes)

Master Bedroom from Bath

BackBed.jpg (24523 bytes)

Back Guest Bedroom

FrontBed.jpg (19755 bytes)

Front Guest Bedroom

There are also the expected bathrooms (two sinks in the master bath), a crawl space, washer dryer, and a three? car garage. More later.

Oct 23, 2006

Howard found this photo, vintage 1976ish of pumpkin carving with Charlie--who would have been 3 at that point.

Aug 3, 2006

Happy Birthday, Howard!

HFAMcQGrad.jpg (59201 bytes)

Yes, this is his Holy Cross picture. 
In his McQuaid Sr. picture he had on a white tuxedo jacket.



April 10, 2006

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As our story begins:

Howard says:

" Got rear-ended as I pulled off at the exit in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium en route to the Surrogate's Court in the Bronx.
    A light at the end of the ramp was red, so a fair number of cars were back up. I had slowed down casually and left a fair amount of space between me and the car ahead of me. A second or so later, I was whacked in the back by a 1993 Jeep station wagon driven by a woman who later told the police she had some difficulty with her brake pedal and/or her gas pedal."

....and the happy ending ... "Chose the Subaru in large part because its width and length are almost exactly the same as the red car was, and that works out to 19 inches shorter and 5 inches narrower than the Taurus."

Cars_RedCrashAtBack.jpg (796033 bytes) Cars_RedFront.jpg (262279 bytes) Cars_RedCrashAtSide.jpg (563955 bytes)
Cars_WhiteRosemarieSandraEtc.jpg (812422 bytes)

Clockwise from Upper left: Rosemarie, Howard, Maryann, Sandra

Cars_WhiteFront.jpg (382129 bytes) Cars_WhiteHFAonly.jpg (659431 bytes)

December 2005

Chuck was in New York last November. Well, he was in the United States! So, it was time for pictures.

angionesgood.jpg (102238 bytes)

Howard, Maryann
Mary, Chuck, Kathleen

kidsgood.jpg (81297 bytes)

Mary, Julie, Kathleen

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards from 80-47 192nd Street

Kids, Neighbors, Friends        bebecrop.jpg (9351 bytes)

The Wedding 1971

  • Howard and Maryann at their Wedding.
  • The whole Angione gang at the Wedding. (Clothes by Chez Pauline.)
  • In Kennebunk on the way "Down East"

HFA The 1940's, 50's and 60's

  • In "School" with Sr. Mary of  the Woodpile, and Terrance O'Toole
  • Reading with Charles ~ 1944
  • On the phone with Genevieve, talking to Grandma McCarthy in 1944
  • Charles, Genevieve, Paulie, Howard, Chris 1947-48
  • The 1949 Christmas Card
  • Howard sweeping the newspaper office his Junior year at McQuaid
  • Howard at Holy Cross
  • With Pauline in Hyde Park, when "The Truth" about the broken leg came out.

Allgaier Clan

HFA More Recently

See Howard at:   http://www.nyelderlaw.com