Mt. Stephen House (& a Few Local Cats)

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I seem to have lost the old page that showed these pictures, so I am going to make a stab at descriptions. If I have the titles wrong, let me know. Sorry about the sizes--that is the next lesson!

Front of House Front_House.jpg (49292 bytes)      View from Living Room mts15_lvrmmtncrop.jpg (29727 bytes)

    View from Deck SVw_fm_Deck.jpg (72199 bytes)                            The Deck deck.jpg (86704 bytes)

Guest Room guestclosedcrop.jpg (16821 bytes)    Begora mts13_begoutcavecrop.jpg (63238 bytes)Guest Room Bed mts_wallbedopencrop.jpg (24396 bytes)

Peach Tree PeachTreeSECor.jpg (91891 bytes)   Gazebo  gazebo.jpg (72051 bytes)    Faith in Heaven MtS16_Faith.jpg (24163 bytes) 

Lily Pond lilypond.jpg (81304 bytes)     Garden  LowerGarden.jpg (80362 bytes)   Kitchen kitchen.jpg (56799 bytes) 

   Mission Central Lynn  mts12_lynndeskcrop.jpg (21717 bytes)     Mission Central Jude & Gus mts19_gusjudecrop.jpg (21699 bytes)