Mary's Trip to Italy

Created/Last updated 13 February 2001 

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The pictures below are from Mary's visit with the former Gemma Angione (Mary never really got her last name, but Howard thinks he might have it in some files) and her daughter Maria. As best we can tell, Gemma is a second cousin of Charles F. Angione. In other words, her grandfather was also the grandfather of Frank Angione (father of Charles). Therefore, her father was first cousin of Frank Angione, and Charles Angione and she were second cousins.

Put another way, she and Charles Angione had the same great-grandfather Angione. Therefore, her daughter Maria is a third cousin of Howard, Chris, Pauline and Jude. All five had the same great-great grandfather Angione, who was the great-grandfather of Charles Angione and the former Gemma Angione.


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In this picture with Gemma is her grandson, Giuseppe Costa, who was 8 at the time. Also in the photo is Giuseppe's father, Carlos Costa.

Maria and Gemma's son Giuseppe.


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A field near their house

Their house and the surrounding area.


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