Maggie Remembered

Dec 1992-January 2004

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I am sorry to have to tell you that we had to put Maggie down today.  The tumor in her chest/throat had progressed incredibly rapidly just since Christmas.  She was on high drug dosages just to try to breathe. She was having to spend so much time just staying alive that she wasn't really there.  She would follow me everywhere that she could, and then just lie down beside me, not even able to make eye contact.

I have never had a dog that I loved so much.  I know that many of you loved her too. There will be a big hole in our days where she used to be.

The decision to do it was one of the hardest of my life. Barb Jensen, the vet in Milbridge and her assistant Lynn Thibault helped us. They are very special people and made it much easier for us all. And, while we feel a great loss we also feel a great relief that Maggie is no longer in pain. 

We count ourselves very fortunate to have had the privilege to having Maggie for the six of her twelve years that we did.

Thank you all for helping us with her over the years and for appreciating her for the wonderful dog that she was.

Yes, we are going to get another dog. I am going to try to find another female Giant Schnauzer. And, we just might, thanks to the web sites that Rachel has found for us. 

Yes, Spike is still tottering along. At almost 14 he has outlived both of his dog companions.  While he too is failing, his love of food is serving him well and he shows true delight in every calorie that he manages to talk us out of.  He is a stalwart fellow and is sitting beside me as I type.

Pauline & Bill
January 28, 2003
Prospect Harbor, Maine

Maggie Remembered...
From my sister Chris:
Thank you for letting me know.  She was a sweetie and I too will miss her antics even though I did not see her as often as you did.  I think you loved her best, because she loved you best.  Most of your other dogs really had set their heart on someone else. I always remember what Spence white said about Mummy when she took  Que to be put down,. "I never saw anybody who could cry so much and still drive".  
I look forward to a new giant schnauzer.  Take care and remember to cry a lot.  I did, am.

From Various Friends and Relatives:

"So sad to hear Maggie's gone --- So she was such a decided *presence* it's hard to believe."

"I am so sorry, Pauline. I know how special she has been to all of you -especially you. It is hard to believe that it is the right thing, I know -we are going through the same thing right now with our cat..  She went into kidney failure over the weekend and declined rapidly. We had to put her down on Wednesday. It is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, so my heart is with you all. I am so sorry.  I hope that you can take comfort from knowing that she _knew_ how much you all loved her. I believe that animals - especially dogs, I've heard - can see into us very clearly. Maggie was family and I know she knew that - what a tremendous gift to give to any being. I know how much it hurts, though. They leave such a hole in our lives when they leave us. Please take care. Know that you are in our thoughts and hearts. Give our love to Bill, Rachel, Nicol and Spike, ok?"

"I am so sorry about Maggie. Her spirit will always be present in Prospect Harbor and I will always remember her as one special dog. I hope you get another very soon."

I'm so sorry to hear about Maggie. She was a great dog. I remember coming to your house in Boulder and Maggie being very clear about where I should sit, when and how often I should pet her, and how much I should (could?) talk to Spike! 
 She was such good company always.

My heart aches with you - empathy

I am so very sorry that you lost Maggie. I know the heartbreak of losing a very good friend and companion, some would call them a "pet."

She was a beautiful dog. Thanks for the picture of her and for letting me know of your loss.

We were both so sorry to hear about Maggie. It is so difficult when you have to make such a decision, but you also know there is really no decision.   Good luck in your search for little sister for Spike.

I'm so sorry - I loved Maggie, she was a lovely dog, so friendly.

I am very sorry to hear about Maggie. Last year, we went through the same process with our dog - and that was the darkest moment in our 22 years together.  Making and revisiting the decision was extremely painful - and still hurts as I write this. I can imagine and feel with you, many of the phases you must be going through.  I apologize for not finding better words.   Thinking about Maggie, and you both,

awww ... that's sad. I'll miss Maggie -- she was a sweetheart.

I am so sorry.  Maggie was quite the gal.  I can't imagine how difficult this was, and how much you miss her.

That is sad news.  Such a great dog.  Our hearts go out to you.

Awwww. So sorry to hear. Thinking of you. And Spike too.

I understand your sadness.... My sympathies...

Sorry to hear about Maggie.  What a sad day for you. You have our sympathy..................

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your loved Maggie. There is no more heart wrenching decision that the one you made today.  It is the greatest gift you can give her and the hardest one too. There are never enough years together when the love is so great.  Know that I care.

Our deepest sympathy. She was a wonderful dog.

Yes, Maggie was a beautiful, loving dog. She reflected the vibes in the home where she lived. Thank you for her picture, which I have spent some extended time studying. I know how much you will miss her. She was such a wonderful companion. Our thoughts are with you in Maine, and we send our love.

I'm so glad I got a chance to spend a little time with our sweet Maggie last week.   I know this is a very hard time to get through, and my thoughts are with you each day.

Maggie was a wonderful dog and I loved her even though our acquaintance was brief.  I am glad you are going to get another Giant Schnauzer.  She will be different from Maggie but will fill a different niche in your lives.  Poor Spike.  He will miss Maggie too.  Send a picture of your new dog

1 Feb 04