The Moving Plan


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Yes, we are moving. The dogs are nervous and are following us everywhere.


We will be carrying cell phones but not sure which will work where:

    Pauline:   303 641 4949 (Sprint) or 303 250 7153
    Bill:         303 641 4210 (Sprint) or 303 250 7157
   Once we get to Maine: 207 963 2242 or 207 963 2023


The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise--and the cars and drivers hold out.

   March 1, 4, 5, 6

Allied Van Line Packs & Loads the Moving Van

   Thurs March 7th in the AM







   Thurs March 7th in the PM

 KellyFrontSm077.jpg (46660 bytes)   Close on the house in Colorado


Head for Nebraska. 1978 Ford Truck and 2000 VW Van


   Fri March 8th

 Get to Ohio

   Sat March 9th  Get to Chris' in Schenectady
   Sun March 10th  Get to Prospect Harbor.  ExtNECornerOrig.jpg (74331 bytes)
   Mon-Tues March 11-12  Unload VW and Truck.
 Get as much "stuff" out of the Prospect Harbor house as possible
   Wed March 13th  Allied Moving Van comes gets to Prospect Harbor.
   The Rest of our lives  Unpack the boxes! 
 Open for business and guests from March 11.
   Sometime in March/April?  Fly back to Boulder and get the Saab out of storage and repeat
    Nebraska, Ohio, yadda, yadda.
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