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Kelly Road Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour of Kelly Road is a series of four shots--Living Room, Family Room, Master Suite, and Outdoor View, that the real estate agency did to enable people--like Chuck--who want to preview property before they schedule a visit or buy but are unable to come to the property.

They use a fisheye camera and take two shots of each area and then you can navigate within the shots--panning, looking at the floor, ceiling, or coming in for a closer view. It's cool.

It is also a neat reminder for us to have in the future.

If you want to try it now, click on the Virtual Tour link here or above. It will ask if you want to:

  • Open it and run it from the web server
  • Save it to your computer so that you can watch it without waiting for your internet connection. 

Just DON'T click on "eMail Find out More" button in the upper right. That will ask you for your information and send it to our realtor as someone who is interested in buying the house!!

Unless you have a very fast internet connection you might want to save it to your hard drive before you run it. You can always delete it later.  Just click on Save when it asks you and then put it somewhere on your hard drive. It will be named "Homestore_Desktop_Tour_MLS_ID327220-Boulder"

Then just go to the place on your hard drive where you put it and click on it. It will start and give you a choice of which picture, the panning tools, etc.

If you just want to go to it on the web, the URL is: