Apple Crisp

(Although as we have just discovered, it works fine with 4 cups of rhubarb/strawberries and I suspect it would be awesome with peaches. For these other fruits cut way back on the cinnamon--like to a pinch rather than a tsp. and maybe add a pinch of some other appropriate spice. e.g. mace with rhubarb or cherries, etc. When in doubt re what would be an "appropriate" spice for the victim fruit consult a pie recipe for the same fruit. And, if the fruit is real juicy--more juice than apples isn't hard--cut back on the water.)

400 degree oven for 50 minutes. Check often.

Varies GREATLY with oven and altitude. 350ish for 40-60 minutes is often safer.

Recipe below is for a single batch. ( 9 x 13 pan is a double batch)

Grease pan flat-ish 7x11" ish. But a 9" cake pan or an 8x8 square would work in a pinch. I usually use glass, don't know why. I use PAM or butter wrapper to grease.

4 cups peeled, fresh apples cut in chunks, not too thin. Put fruit in bottom of pan.

Cut together: but leave some lumpys. That's what makes the cheweys.

6 tbsp butter (you can use margarine but it won't be as chewy. There is no low fat way to make this cause it really takes the sugar and butter to make the "Crisp" part. So, I just don't make it very often.) 

1 cup sugar
3/4 cu flour
Pour over top of apples.

Stir 1 tsp cinnamon into 1/2 cu water.
Pour over top of everything.

Do not cover.

Bake till sugar around edges is JUST trying to burn but not quite. It should be a nice golden brown. Again, that means: the flour is cooked, always a good thing, and that the sugar will crystallize when it cools. 

Server with ice cream or cream or plain, or, canned milk if you are so inclined.

Even better the next day. Store as flat as you can to keep the crispy from turning into gooey.


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