The Rise of Crestfallen Manor

Before crest02fcrop.jpg (13030 bytes)      During    crest20topcrop.jpg (17962 bytes)    And, after  crest09fcrop.jpg (20805 bytes)

"Crestfallen Manor" was the name my folks gave to the house we lived in from 1947 until the early 1960's. (We also named pet squirrels, cars, dolls, etc., so naming the house seemed quite natural.)

Also natural, and an inheritable trait it seems, is the ability to photograph ones thumb as per the "Before" picture above featuring Charles' thumb in upper right.)

I have the only copy of the album of black and white pictures, with commentary by Genevieve, and this seemed an excellent way to share it. I have imaged the whole thing and have created Thumbnails in Front Page so it doesn't take you all day to download the pages. Even so, I have divided the pictures into sections with about 10 pages per section..

So, if you click on the page links to the left, you will go to web pages with thumbnails of each page. (This was done so that they would download in a reasonable amount of time.) If you then click on each of the thumbnails, you can read the original text and see the photo.

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