wing.jpg (17796 bytes)Rochester Downtown

Main Street    mainst.jpg (76350 bytes)

Main and State    FormerFannyF.jpg (38709 bytes)

(Former site of the Fanny Farmer Candy Store where I worked.)

Eastman School    EastmanSchool.jpg (68186 bytes)

Powers Hotel        PowersHotel.jpg (40907 bytes)

Subway Bed    SubwayBed.jpg (75198 bytes)

Falls at Library    falllib2.jpg (54190 bytes)        fallshse.jpg (38722 bytes)                

    FallsLibrary.jpg (78240 bytes)    FallsUnder.jpg (76496 bytes)    FallUnder.jpg (67019 bytes)

The Eagle at the Falls    eagle.jpg (47199 bytes)

Mercury    mercury.jpg (4749 bytes)


There had been a "horse decorating" contest in Rochester and many of the horses were outside the War Memorial waiting for the judging. A few of my favorites.

HorseBaseball.jpg (58841 bytes)  "Horsehide. There is Nothing Minor About It" made from donated Baseball mitts.

And, "Techo Blue" all decorated with CD's  HorseBlue.jpg (46001 bytes)

Last Updated 27 December 2001