Genevieve's Ancestors 

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  • Mary Alzina Agnes Hockery McCarthy and Harry (nee Henry) McCarthy, Genevieve's parents

    MaryHarry1932.jpg (24580 bytes) In 1932               Harry drawn by his older brother John HarryCrop.jpg (114276 bytes)


                        Mary in 1954 in Rochester.  MMcJune54.jpg (17123 bytes)

    Genevieve's Brother

    JAM_JustinMcC.jpg (21780 bytes) Justin A. McCarthy, Genevieve's younger brother in Army uniform.


Mary's (Genevieve's Mother) Family:

Chloe Howard Hockery. Mary's Mother

  • Chloe Howard Hockery (Mary's Alzina Agnes's Mother), born April 10, 1854, and died June 11, 1947

AlecChloe.jpg (71648 bytes) At ~3 with her brother Alex     ChloeAge21.jpg (15557 bytes)  At 21       

    At 68 ChloeHowardHockeryAge68.jpg (13487 bytes)      ~92 with Howard, Chris, Pauline  CholeGGkids.jpg (37636 bytes)


Harry's (Genevieve's Father) Family

NOTE: Harry was born/christened Henry but went by Harry most of his life.

Harry's Siblings, ~ 1900: John, Florance and Agnes

John Justin McCarthy--Harry's older brother. Did the sketch of Harry, above.  JohnMcCarthy.jpg (23787 bytes)

                    Florance McCarthy--another brother of Harry's. FloranceUncle.jpg (20812 bytes)

                        Agnes McCarthy, Harry's sister.  AgnesMcCarthy.jpg (19272 bytes)

Their Father, Jeremiah J. McCarthy in 1906.  Jeremiah1906.jpg (24904 bytes)

Jeremiah was born in Cork, Ireland. He served as a drummer boy in the Civil War, thus the uniform. Note dumdum bullet scar above right eye.