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June 3, 2004

Hudson, Cat's (Nicol's roommate) new Pug puppy. Click on small picture to see bigger one. Click BACK on your browser to return to this page.

are you my mother.jpg (20106 bytes)
Are you my mother?
hi.jpg (70325 bytes)

Hi! I'm Hudson.

hudson and mommy.jpg (53064 bytes)

Hudson and Cat.

if you go an itch.jpg (26724 bytes)
It you have an itch.

stop pointing that at me!.jpg (25024 bytes)
Stop pointing that thing at me.

April 5, 2004

Nicol has been knitting up a storm since Christmas. Here are some of her recent products.

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hat and mit.jpg (93298 bytes) hatbackview.jpg (56952 bytes)
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January 2004

Nicol got a nested set of Fairy Boxes with see-through covers. She has them hung in her room.  

Pumpkins 2003

Nicol and Kat carved pumpkins this weekend.      


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nnmc_tat1crop.jpg (40264 bytes)  Christmas 2000





Drake University

Sept 2002

   Nicol is off to Drake University in DesMoines, Iowa next year. 

There is an annual event there called the Drake Relays. All sorts of athletic events AND

And the year 2000 winner was: Prince Albert! But there were many other creative entries. One of my favorites--the Bunny Bull.

 Mark your calendars for 2001--April 27-28.


Sean's Senior Prom in 1999

  • A good time was had by all. Will try to get pix back soon.

Nicol's Senior Prom in 2000

Yes, Nicol had a Senior Prom in 2000 and she even made her dress, but the photo's somehow have not gotten up here yet.

Toddler Nicol

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