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Last updated 8 July 2004

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July 7, 2004 Rio!

Rio on a hot tin window.jpg (37152 bytes)

Rio on a hot tin window

I Rio.jpg (15393 bytes)

I Rio.

kittens2 (2).jpg (47872 bytes)

Baby pictures. Rio at right.


your desk my desk.jpg (70686 bytes)

My desk. Your desk.


my word.jpg (57415 bytes)

My word!

yo.jpg (57024 bytes)


the world is my litter box.jpg (46455 bytes)

The world is my litter box.

you no type.jpg (66606 bytes)

You no type.

easter bunny.jpg (33507 bytes)

Easter Bunny ears.


June 27, 2004 Birthday Time!


cake.jpg (48613 bytes)


I get as many slices as years old           right.jpg (57980 bytes)

Nicol gets as many slices as years old, right?

Kat and Bobby.

I will stare you down crate thingy.jpg (16771 bytes)

I will stare you down!

See more photos of Hudson (the Pug) by clicking here.)

wouldnt be a party for Nic without Cat and Eva.jpg (40095 bytes)

Wouldn't be a party without Cat and Eva.

OK. I am a little scared now. 

lr 2004 July 8