The Basement

In looking through the earlier photos, I realized that I had not included any pictures of the basement. And, since that is traditionally a hit during visitor house tours, we include it here.

So, here are a few shots for those who wonder:

We have found out that often shipbuilders were pressed into use to build homes as well. From the sturdiness and tightness of the basement, it seems like that might have been the case here.

Since it was neglected in the first round of photos, there are no "before" pictures. That means you missed stacks of old yogurt containers, TV dinner trays, onion bags, old clothes, empty boxes, etc. And, black cobwebs everywhere from where the oil furnace "poofed" in October 2000.


The stairs down--from the panty behind the e kitchen. 

BasementStair.jpg (36851 bytes)

The extra refrigerator in the olde fruit cellar. 40 pounds of Blueberries in there! BasementFridge.jpg (28192 bytes)
The laundry  
Kayak Storage and Wood Bin  
Up to the ground level.