The Main Floor

The Front Door is not the most common entry into the house, so we will be entering via the back door--East and closest to the water.

November 2001

January 2001

But, just to prove we do have a front door

foyerin.jpg (39315 bytes)

Greetings, you have just come in the back door into the mud room/back hall. The Lobster Pot was in the Garage. The toolbox is from Kennebunk and the Christmas lights are just for fun. Note increase in junk density from Jan to Nov.

 Turning left...

entry.jpg (38623 bytes)

IntJanMudFrmInDoor.jpg (23379 bytes)

And, just in case you were wondering what was straight ahead of you at the back door--we present the Summer (not insulated) bathroom. 

SummerBath.jpg (35777 bytes)

Censored. A sorry site.

This is the real back door--the kitchen is just inside. Note increased dog density since January. That's Spike.

KitchenIn.jpg (54135 bytes)

IntJanMudFoul.jpg (19956 bytes)

The door you came in is to the right of the chalk board. The Chart on the wall has the canonical "this is where you are" arrow.  The table was in the attic, the tablecloth from Boulder, the chairs from the dining room, the chest from a local auction.. 

Proceeding to your left, through the kitchen we arrive at the Foyer.

KitchenTable.jpg (41604 bytes)

IntJanKitchenTable.jpg (25639 bytes)

The kitchen. Lots of pots and pans, a propane stove--yeah, cooking with gas! We did lots of cooking. Then we sit at the table by the window and look out at the water. Doing a sharp about face from here, you enter....

And, yes, we use the wood stove a lot.

KitchenSink.jpg (42433 bytes)

IntJanKitchTwdDoor.jpg (44858 bytes)

The kitchen deserves some special attention. Over Labor Day Bill replaced all the ceiling tiles and installed recessed lighting. Much better!

IntKitchenBX.jpg.jpg (46798 bytes)

The Foyer. This photo taken from the stairs, shows the wonderful fireplace, the front door and the entrance to the living room. Rugs from Boulder, paintings from Kennebunk...

The Foyer leads (counterclockwise from the kitchen door) into the den (an enclosed porch that has bookshelves galore), the front door, the Living Room, the Dining Room and the stairs up to the second floor.

FoyerStairs.jpg (49006 bytes)

IntJanFoyerFmStairs1.jpg (41562 bytes)

The Den. Lots of bookshelves. New rug and couch brighten it up a lot. To be the first painting project.

It was a porch originally, so there are no rooms on the floors above it.

den.jpg (51171 bytes)

IntJanDenFrFoy.jpg (31184 bytes)

Proceeding on into the Living Room. A lovely room that faces South and West. We have a rocking chair, table and rug from Kennebunk, a chair from the office upstairs, tables, etc. 

lvrmin.jpg (41467 bytes)

IntJanLRmRocker.jpg (44492 bytes)

Continuing in a counterclockwise direction we pass the couch,  assorted animals from Kennebunk, the fireplace (not shown) and head for the dining room.

lvrmout.jpg (39079 bytes)

IntJanLRmSECor.jpg (33588 bytes)

The Dining Room has a grand large table, breakfront and credenza and views of the Harbor. We track bald eagles and lobster boats out the window.

dnrmlong.jpg (40343 bytes)

IntJanDinRmChairs.jpg (27478 bytes)

Other views of the Dining Room. Now turn left again, and you will be facing...

dnrmcab.jpg (33359 bytes)

IntJanDinRmTable.jpg (40814 bytes)

Circling back to the stairs to the Second Floor.

Foyer2DnRm.jpg (26321 bytes)

IntJanHallFlash.jpg (32764 bytes)

Oops, we forgot the Pantry. It is under the stairs, between the kitchen and the dining room.

pantry.jpg (42792 bytes)

IntJanPantryFmDRm.jpg (37354 bytes)

Now, on to the second floor.

upstairs.jpg (45805 bytes)

ExtNECornerOrig.jpg (74331 bytes)