Second Floor

The second floor consists of (counterclockwise from the top of the stairs)

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November 2001

January 2001

Arriving at the top of the stairs, you will find Bill's office. He is also lucky enough to have both dogs bedding down in there too.

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The SW Bedroom is the one we use. Wonderful breeze from the West in the Summer.  And now a real bed.

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The former Master Bedroom, now serving as an "upstairs parlor" and guest room. It has great views of the harbor. 

Back out into the hall, past the stairs and you arrive at...

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The main Guest Bedroom that faces the water. The favorite of our overnight guests.

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Out in the hall again, and completing your tour of the second floor is the bathroom. The new wallpaper is picked out, we just need to get it up.

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Now, back to the stairs and up to the Third floor

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