Third Floor

Not much this time. We were staying down in the warmer regions and consolidating the available furniture.

Nov 2001

Jan 2001

A better view of the stairs from the third floor down. 

The carpeting is from Harvard Street and a Boulder auction.

StairsAllThree.jpg (63162 bytes)

IntJanStairsDown.jpg (49079 bytes)

At the top of the stairs is Rachel's room, the top, front of the house.

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IntJanREZ2.jpg (30572 bytes)

And, Pauline's office. It has the best view of the water. 

Not heated in the winter, but no problem!

3rdPVAOff.jpg (39551 bytes)

IntJanPZOff.jpg (46221 bytes)

Now, out into the yard and around the neighborhood and the Peninsula

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ExtShoreripple480.jpg (68012 bytes)