The Surroundings

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The yard is about 300 feet deep and 150 feet wide, for a total of ~ and acre. (For those of you who are better at remembering the size of an acre, don't bother to calculate: it isn't a right regular rectangle.) 

It backs onto the waters of Prospect Harbor, which, about .5 mile down the bay turns into open water--the Atlantic.

The driveway

PHarVanView.jpg (9794 bytes)

The view once you get closer to the water

ExtShoreripple480.jpg (68012 bytes)

A night shot

view1bay.jpg (44614 bytes)

The Neighborhood

There are a lot of old Victorian houses about. Some of them in better shape than others.

The Community Center NeighCommCntrEve.jpg (27738 bytes)
The Church NeighChSunsetCrop.jpg (31362 bytes)
The neighbors out the driveway to the West. NeighCrosstoNNear.jpg (205784 bytes)

Acadia National Park

And, around the corner--about 2 miles--is Acadia National Park. With views of Mt. Desert Island, and Mt. Cadillac.

Rocks, lava, granite ScLaveTrapGran.jpg (53337 bytes)
View of Mt. Cadillac to the West ScMtnRock2.jpg (62263 bytes)

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