Prospect Harbor, January-July 2001

Last Updated 14 July 2001 

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We closed on the house in Prospect Harbor on Tuesday January 16. Bill and I spent the rest of the week there. It was wonderful.  There was snow, but not a lot and there was beautiful "Manitoba sunshine" for most of the time. We even had some "sea smoke" where steam rises off of the water, since the water is warmer than the air.

There was mostly only time to figure out what was there--we had bought the remaining contents of the house from the heirs to the estate. We found a spotting scope--kind of like a small telescope--so that we could watch the lighthouse light revolve, watch the waves break on Cranberry point, and spy on the bald eagle on the shoal out in the "back yard" of Prospect Harbor.

We took down the drapes to let the wood show, let the light in and make it easier to see out. We moved furniture and beds around so that we could live and work on the first two floors which are heated. We wished we could stay longer, but we are already planning to get back as soon as we can.

For those of you who have the Adobe PDF Reader on your machines, Bill did a floor plan. (If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader and would like to get it--it is free--go to: )

In any case, follow along as we walk you through the house. I have arranged the pictures as if you are coming in the back door and walking through the house. The pictures here are thumbnails, so click on them for a better view. Since even with thumbnails this will take a while to download at 28.8 I have divided it into:

NOTE: all the pictures were taken at night, since I didn't get up early enough, nor did the sun, the day we left.

In response to the MOST OFTEN ASKED Questions from all of you:

That is the First Floor Foyer at the top of the page, and here, before we go inside, are:

The URL for the Page telling you how we found it:

And, a prize for anyone who reads this far, the new riding mower.

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