Prospect Harbor, Maine           Christmas, 2002

Dear Friends,

This has been a truly remarkable year.

We put the house in Boulder up for sale January 28, had showings the first weekend of February, had two offers--including a full price one--February 7 and closed March 7. We drove the truck and VW out and met the moving truck here on March 14th. Brutal in some ways. All for the best in others.  

Bill has been able to transport his consulting work Downeast, but has learned that getting from here to anywhere can be a day's work.  Bangor is a very capable airport, just not a very popular one. He is enjoying being able to step out the door and kayak, bike, walk.

I am very happy to be here. The ocean in the back yard is a constant joy. And, it’s a spectacular view from most of the roads.  I walk in Acadia and watch the seasons change.  Can’t ask for better than that.

The “Sea Smoke” photo above was taken from our back yard, when the temperature was –0.1° F.

Lots to do and the days fly by. The yard had bulbs and annuals this year.  The local arts group needed a web site, so I volunteered.

Great way to meet people. And there is a whole community of wonderful people here. We are lucky indeed to have found this place, but still can’t believe that we did.

Nothing new on my back. Just take my medicine, try to get exercise and be thankful that it isn't anything worse. Most days that works pretty well.

And, I bake. For one of this year's favorites, click here.


We are doing "delayed maintenance" things to the house--lining the chimneys, replacing the electric hot water heater with a gas furnace fired one, etc. For those of you who are concerned that we bought a wreck--you are entitled to remember 1915 Dayton--we didn't. The house is amazingly sound. Good old-fashioned Maine storms can be howling outside and we are warm and cozy inside.

Dogs are getting older—Spike is 12 ˝, Maggie ‘just’ 11. Their knowledge of English can be amazing.  Maggie is a walk maniac, so she makes sure we get our daily walk. Knee surgery, heart medicine and all, they are cheerful, spry and good company.

Rachel is in Illinois still. She is teaching some art classes and working and is looking forward to being back in school next year. Maybe in Illinois, maybe Boston.  Nicol is holding down Boulder for us all.  Enjoying her non-education courses and the snowboarding opportunities Boulder has to offer.

They will both be out for Christmas.  When are you coming?

All the best to you and yours in the coming year.

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