7 January 2004

The Long View                                                                                  

92 Main Street

Prospect Harbor, ME 04669-5005

Dear Friends,

The holidays have zipped by, as has the rest of the year—but I did want to send out a few words to say hello.  I bought this paper because it reminds me of the shore around here. We have less sand and more rocks, but the lighting is pretty similar. It continues to be a real joy to live here. Having the ocean in the backyard is a truly amazing thing.

It has been a busy and good year.  Bill and I took the train out to Chicago to help Rachel pack up in her things in Illinois and drive the rental truck and her car (once our ‘88 Subaru) out here to Maine.  The train was great. I hadn’t done a long train trip since early graduate school days. Wonderful scenery. We looked at trees and listened to the sound of train wheels rolling for two days, despite the work we had brought with us.

Rachel was coming to Maine to attend the Maine School of Art (MECA) in Portland.  She is happily ensconced in an apartment there (a.k.a. our newly purchased Portland condo) and loves it.  To see her, her dog Sadie, Bill and the back of my left hand, see: Rachel 

Nicol is in her junior year at U. of Colorado at Boulder and loving her Political Science major.  She came out for Christmas and spent a few days in Portland with Rachel too.

Our dogs, Spike and Maggie are old and showing it. They have been good dogs, but we’re pretty sure this is their last Christmas.

To see us all, go to: Pauline

Neither Bill nor I is getting any younger, but so far we are in good health. My back pain is controllable with pain medication. I can’t do all that I would like but I still keep going. We are getting more and more involved in the local community and that is both interesting and rewarding. It is also incredibly time consuming. I never seem to have any spare time any more.

Travel is mostly by car these days. We made it to Rochester for Aunt Betty’s 93rd birthday, to Tampa for Bill’s mother’s 80th birthday, to Castine, Maine in July for a Kayak symposium, and to my sister Chris’ in Schenectady for Thanksgiving. Being back on the East Coast happily has meant that we can see family more often. We had several spectacular kayak trips right here in our own neighborhood in Frenchman Bay. Amazing place. Endlessly fascinating.

Today’s view as I sit in the kitchen is below. Not bad, eh?  The fuzz on the horizon is “Sea Smoke” (cold air meets warm ocean water) because the air temperature outside is –4° Fahrenheit.  I realize that I am repeating myself in the sea smoke department, but it is a key feature here this time of year.

Some of you have said in your holiday letters that you just might get out to see us this year. We hope you do. It would be good to have you here with us.

REMINDER: Our address has changed quite a few times since we have been here but it is now and finally:

Pauline V. Angione & Bill Zoellick
92 Main Street
Prospect Harbor, ME 04669-5005.

207 963 2242

Wishing you and yours all the best in this coming year.