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Pauline & Bill

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Last updated 14 March 2011     Getting Around

March 14, 2011

Being a dog, Molly spends most of her life on the floor. We heat our house with wood, and we keep the temperature at a "toasty" 56-58 degrees most of the time. 
So, Molly is very alert to any source of heat. 
In this photo I had just washed the dog bed and it was very fluffy and cozy and she discovered that there was a fire in the woodstove just opposite the dog bed.

Doggy heaven!

December 6, 2010

First snow this year of any size was on the ground this morning when Molly and I got up. Bill was in Boston--clever fellow. The plow that goes on the front of the riding mower was all ready in the garage and after four short hours, the yard was cleared. The Lincoln Town Car, just up from Florida, was in shock!

snowporchlt.jpg (27131 bytes)

The new porch with snow wedged in the screens. 


The Winter Fleet--left to right: 

  • 2010 Prius
  • 1997 Subaru
  • 2000 VW Van
  • 1997 Ford 1 Ton
  • 2000 Lincoln Town Car

The 2000 Saab is in a generous neighbor's garage.
The 1960 Morgan is in a storage unit.

Average age: 

  • 17.66 years, without the leased Prius
  • 15.28 years with the Prius

Now the scary thing would be the combined mileage--that is a project for a less snowy day.


snow_ltc.jpg (18795 bytes)

The Lincoln Town Car, just up from Florida. Bill's Mom decided it was time for her to stop driving and she gave us the Town Car.

LincolnandGladys.jpg (40142 bytes)

What it looks like without the snow! It is in lovely condition and is a very comfy ride.


July 7, 2009

Did you go to St. Agnes High School in Rochester?
Join the St. Agnes High School Group on FACEBOOK. Click here to go to the group page or search on FACEBOOK for St. Agnes High School.

Winter 2008-2009

insertfire1_300a.jpg (17865 bytes) Our new fireplace insert for the fireplace in the front hall. We love it.

July 30, 2008

Yarn and Knitting pages added. First offering--yarn weights, gauges.

June 9, 2008

Been catching up on things after the play Click here. I directed. Fun. Great actors.

Smillie Identity


Pauline & Roy

Also found some friends from Willmar Minnesota on the web. Not surprisingly, they did not recognize me from the above photo. 

So, a little ancient history: Pauline and Roy Smillie, her late husband, Aug 5, and 6, 1983, the day of and
 the day after the wedding, respectively


    SmillieAug5_PandR_64x48.jpg (36312 bytes)

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February 22, 2008

Pauline and Chris are off to Italy. We will visit with Hanni Cvak for her birthday in Venice. Then on to Florence, Pompeii, Rome, Ravenna and back to Venice to catch our plane home. No computers with us. But, three digital cameras! So pictures when we get back March 10.

January 1, 2008

December was a busy month, so we are just getting to the holiday cards now.  Bill's Mom, Gladys, now 84, braved repeated TSA wandings (her three replacement joints set off all the alarms) to visit from Florida for a ten days. Rachel and her friend Jay arrived only 24 hours late after Chris and then Bill did "pick up at Boston Logan" duty. They all got out reasonably efficiently after Chris did a snowstorm shuttle of Rachel and Jay back to Portland and the bus to Logan. There Rachel and Jay had a quick reunion with Nicol who is in Boston for 8.5 days substitute-Managing a store for The Territory Ahead before she returns home to the Detroit area The Territory Ahead store of her own. Seemed strange that she was not here with us for Christmas. First time in a long time.

We are all well. We just seem to keep very busy. Bill is still Director of Program Development at Acadia Partners. They are growing by leaps and bounds but there is still a lot of planning to do and that keeps Bill very busy. He's developed an interest in turning--as in with a lathe--and has been able to spend some non-work hours 

I keep busy as volunteer Director at the local Public Library (Dorcas Library) and the connections with the Maine State Library that are included in that. Kind of fun to be back in the library business again.  And, I am enjoying the theater group.

Molly is already 4 years old! She is smart, and funny. Her toe nail thing--she lost all of her toe nails from an auto-immune disease this Summer-has simmered down now that the toenails are gone, and she is her silly self again.

It has been a quite year what with Bill's work and my having ripped the house up to paint and patch. 

We did get a bit of traveling in, though.  Went to North Carolina for Kathleen (niece) wedding this May and went right back the next week--Bill had a Grant Deadline in between--for a ride through Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Chris and I are planning a two week trip to Venice and environs in February. One of our high school exchange students, Hanni, if having her 60th birthday party in Venice to we are combining that with a little tour of Italy.

We put the house back together for our Christmas visitors and it is quite nice to have it in one piece again. The painting, patching and windows combined with a little contracted out floor sanding have all served to perk the house up and made it look even more elegant. I have one room and one killer hall to do yet, and Bill's office, and will post more pictures when I get it done.

But the best way to see it is to come see for yourself. We have twin, double, and, on request, king sized accommodations, we are non-smoking and pet friendly. So, come along. We would love to see you. The Downeast provides fine scenery and lots to do year round. 

Yes, the pictures were taken in our front yard after the first snowfall in early December. The tripod and the self timer worked fine. That is what Molly is being so alert about--the timer on the camera is beeping!

January 1, 2008

September 10, 2007

Hmm, guess it has been a while since I updated this. Stay tuned for new pictures of the house without the old, dirty wallpaper and the scratched floors. We have been busy this year! Yes, the house has been torn up for a year! New windows started it all, but they have been worth it. Then I got started on a "it is just a little wallpaper off and paint on.." but there are sooooo many rooms!

WEBcharliepaulineframe600.jpg (40858 bytes)  See more about my theatrical adventures on the "What's New" page.

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