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Last Updated 27 May 2010

A New Photo for the Album (Above)

This one sent to Mary from relatives in Germany. See it larger here.

Mary and Clemens Get Married

July 11, Concord, MA, USA. July 25, Kiel, Germany  Lots of photos at: Kodak Gallery. Thanks, Chris

Mary and Clemens Get Engaged!

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  Mary, Salisbury Beach, April 19, 2008. 
Smile, Photo & Ring Credits: Clemens

More about the ring below

Mary and Clemens went to Salisbury Beach on Saturday April 19, 2008 and came back engaged! 

Clemens had the ring custom made.  For more about that, see Ring below

For past pictures of them at the beach, see below.



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2004 We are working on a new picture of both of them

About the Ring

From Clemens:

I shopped around the internet for settings, shapes and color schemes. Eventually I just based my "design" on an existing shape and added a color scheme that I liked. With that I went to the goldsmith and they (Alexandria and Hagop at http://bostonianjewelers.com)>
A) convinced me that a tension setting truly is not stable and 
B) added that little rim in the yellow gold part so that the yellow gold would be visible from the top. 

I then added that little wave of yellow gold that connects to the outside, so that two little golden strips are visible next to the stone. So, the design of the ring was a process of multiple ideas and advices.

They then made the CAD drawings, had the ring forged from two pieces that were clipped together, the stone was added in the tension and the bridge was added to prevent the ring from swinging. So, it is a stabilized, custom-made tension setting.



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Mary and Clemens at Yellowstone

All the pictures from Mary and Clemens trip out West, Summer 2003 are now up.

NOTE: IF you go there, be aware that they are pictures only and the files are big., So, if you click on a picture name, it will open the picture-slowly if you have a slow connection--many of them are 800-900KB.

Mary and Clemens at Salisbury Beach in April 2002

Mary and Clemens at Salisbury Beach

 The White Mountains in New Hampshire

The Link below is not working at the moment. "We" are currently investigating why @#!! not.
Mary and Clemens came up to visit for the weekend and brought some pictures and we took some pictures here.


BosMarYel.gif (8034 bytes)  Pictures from last year's Race. No race this year (2002).

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2001: Mary's Bib #: 15965 


Bib Name Age M/F City State Country Ctz   *  

15965 Angione, Mary C. 24 F Boston MA USA    
Checkpoints 5k 10k 15k 20k Half 25k 30k 35k 40k
0:49:40 1:25:02 2:01:39 2:42:41 2:50:05 3:18:27 3:57:36 4:34:34 5:12:09
Finish Pace Projected Time Official Time ChipTime Overall Gender Division
0:12:33   5:28:36 5:13:45 13085 4668 3172

If you are wondering, as I was, the difference between "Official Time" and "Chip Time" (the chip is question is in Mary's shoe, I believe), from Mary:

"... The difference between my official time and my chip time has to do with the time that I cross the start line. The race starts at noon so my official time is the time I crossed the finish line - 5:28pm. My chip time is the time I took to get from the start line to the finish line. I was way in the back of the pack of runners so it took about 15 minutes to cross the start line.."

Last Summer (2000) in Maine

  • Mary and Kathleen go kayaking in Kennebunk

The Boston Marathon 2000 (See also above, for 2001)

In April of last year Mary ran the Boston Marathon, bib # 18782. Her finish time was: 4:51:54 (hours:minutes: seconds)

Some pictures from the official race committee:

University of Virginia Graduation


Mary's Trip to Italy in 1998

Mary's new computer setup includes an HP 720 fax-printer-copier-scanner. She went to her scrapbook recently (she had a "Brigham moment" when Howard visited) and took out four pix from her trip to Italy in the summer of 1998.  

The Early Years

This one is from Kennebunk, Maine the Summer Mary was 1.2?

Baby Mary