The AngiNews

Last updated 09 November  2003

It has been a while since we got a new AngiNews from Jude but she just sent two new ones--November 1947 and Jan 1952.


Angi Who???

To those of you who didn't know us in 1947--and, granted, that means most of you--our folks, the aforesaid mentioned Genevieve (Editor) and Charles (Publisher) put out an almost monthly newsletter for several years to their friends in far flung places.  Since Genevieve had been a newspaper reporter and columnist and Charles was a chemist it worked out fine. She wrote and typed the copy and he did the ditto fluid in the cookie sheet thing and "pulled" the 50 or so copies required for circulation.

Now, they were in the meantime, renovating Crestfallen Manor (in their spare time--Charles had a full time job at a chemical company), raising us and various and sundry foster children, filling barrels for the missions, reestablishing the yard and garden, etc.

The extant copies are pretty hard to read and none of us are as proficient at typing as Genevieve was--no backspace in those day, it was all carbons and get it right the first time--we are working at converting them to electronic form so that we can share the "voice" of 339 Frost Avenue. Just finding ways to scan and copy the issues that I have has been a challenge in itself. They are on all sorts of paper--fool's cap, onion skin, plain ditto paper, some black, many the standard old ditto purple.

I did the first one last year and Jude has offered to work her way through some more. So. I am happy to introduce the first two issues: