Rochester, N.Y.

Last Updated 27 December  2001

Trip to Rochester September 2001.

See the pictures here!

Crestfallen Manor 

"Crestfallen Manor" was the name my folks gave to the house we lived in when we were small. (We also named pet squirrels, cars, dolls, etc., so naming the house seemed quite natural.) Go there by clicking here CrestFallen Manor.

The AngiNews

Read about life at Crestfallen Manor in the old newsletters published there-the AngiNews. Still in process, but Jude and Lynn are doing one a week.

Rochester Angiones 40's, 50's, 60's

Angione Clan

See also Animals, for pix of the family animals over the years.

Plymouth Park, from a post card I found in an Antique store

Christmas Cards