Location Info for Angione/Zoellick Residence 
Prospect Harbor

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Below some pictures to show maps, neighborhood landmarks, house and driveway, and a floor plan of the house.




Floor Plan of the House


  • The Deli at the corner of Rt 195 and 186. The Deli will be on your left. TURN Right here.
  • Also known as the corner of
      Pond Rd. (Rt 195) and
      Main St. (Rt 186)
Deli195_`86.jpg (45275 bytes)
  • Rt 186 out in front of house. Backhoe and dump truck for scale.


roadoutfrnt.jpg (85911 bytes)
  • North West Cornet of the Angione/Zoelllick house from Rt 186
  • This will be what you see first.
NWCornerFrom186.jpg (74164 bytes)
  • The Driveway from the street (Rt 186) to the house.
DrivewaytoHse.jpg (48706 bytes)
  • Front of house
HouseFront.jpg (33279 bytes)
  • The view back out the driveway to Rt 186. Note power lines.
DrivewayOUTtoStreet.jpg (54089 bytes)
  • Long view of the back of the house, back porch, drive, etc,
BackofHseDrive.jpg (49764 bytes)
  • Back Porch and Driveway
BackPorch.jpg (106432 bytes)
  • Another view of back porch and back door.
  • NOTE bulkhead/cellar door.
backdoor.jpg (86994 bytes)
  • View towards back door from Kitchen through mud room.
IntJanMudFrmInDoor.jpg (23379 bytes)
  • Front foyer and stairs
foyerin.jpg (39315 bytes)
  • View down the stairs from the third floor
StairsAllThree.jpg (63162 bytes)