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Prospect Harbor

November, 2001

It has been just over a year since we first saw the house at Prospect Harbor. I was going through some web pages and realized that a lot has changed in that time and it was time for an update. We have had many friends old and new come to visit. But for those of you who have not been there "yet", here are some new pictures.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found the house. As we meet and talk with our neighbors, we realize that some of them searched for years to find a place in this area. Having the "ocean in the back yard" has proven itself to be a wonderful way to start and end the day.  We actually go down and watch sunsets, and we get up early to catch sunrises. And, on a clear night the stars and the milky way just stand right there above you.

First a little background. We closed on the property January 16, 2001. Bill an I were fortunate enough to be here for the close and most of February. Then back to Boulder til mid July. And, we have been here since then.


To start your tour:

Basement, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, Yard and Neighborhood

There is also just a start at the House history.

Some New Pictures Just 'Cause They are Pretty

I have been taking pictures like a crazy person this Summer and Fall. Just to share a few with you.

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The back porch and furniture that we painted ExtPorchPaintChr.jpg (57329 bytes)
Bill and his new Romany kayak YardKayak.jpg.jpg (53831 bytes)  YardKayakBZin.jpg.jpg (40428 bytes)
The Yard. Front flowers. Back moonrise. A foggy day. YardFlowers.jpg.jpg (74887 bytes)  YardMoonRise.jpg.jpg (37238 bytes)  YardShorefog.jpg.jpg (71874 bytes)  
The neighborhood NeighTreeHill.jpg.jpg (38373 bytes)  NeighTreesred.jpg.jpg (118935 bytes)
Acadia Park. Blueberry Hill. Bill in the park on during a storm. Bill and dogs on Schoodic head. ParkBlueberryHill.jpg.jpg (124946 bytes)  ParkBZStorm.jpg.jpg (28069 bytes)  ParkBZDogs.jpg.jpg (134374 bytes)
At the Prospect Harbor Light House open house on Labor Day.   YardLight.jpg.jpg (24779 bytes)   YardLightPVA.jpg.jpg (23136 bytes)

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