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November 9, 2003

Jude has sent some new AngiNews. January 1952 and Nov 1947 which may be a dup.

October 24, 2003

I am back from Colorado--more pictures later--and Nicol and Kat are carving Pumpkins.

YellowTreesBlackTrunks.jpg (169170 bytes)

A Eagle/Vail tree on my walk with Julie.

Kat's left, Nicol's right.

October 1, 2003

Maggie! There is a new Maggie in the family. Check out Kathleen's web page.

September 9, 2003 

BrideGroomCousinsClose.jpg (26020 bytes)

Pictures from Danielle's (Maryann's cousin Sue's daughter)
 wedding on Long Island, August 31, 2003.

 August 26, 2003  

Just in from New York:  Jude, Howard and Maryann join Rey and Ingrid Olsen for dinner.

August 23, 2003

ABONoGlasses.jpg (45410 bytes)

Visit to Rochester last week for Aunt Betty's 93rd birthday. No glasses since her cataract operations last year.  Click on her picture to see a larger version. Click BACK on your browser to return here. 

August 12, 2003
There are some new Brody Jordan pictures up. Click here.

July 24, 2003

May 14, 2003    

On a recent trip to Rochester Chris found (it was on the kitchen cabinet behind the back door, but effectively hidden) a silhouette of Aunt Betty done when she was about 11 or 12. An itinerant artist did the picture, after Mrs. Vaith (a.k.a. Aunt Betty's mother) was told he did nice work. Guess so. 

March 24, 2003                   

Kathleen went to Cozumel over Spring Break and sent back a diving picture Pretty cool.

March 18, 2003

Just another pretty Acadia Sunset from March 18..

Check out the Mama's Boy page--lots happening.

March 11, 2003 Well, we have been here a year now--it was a year ago Tuesday March 11, 2002 that we arrived a few days ahead of the moving van. How quickly the time goes. We thought that it would give ourselves a year to get sorted out--we were about right. It definitely feels like home and a good place to be. But we do still have plaster to patch and things to find.

The picture above was taken last week on a very shiny sunny day. It is the first time that the water sparkles came out as clearly on the picture. Do be sure to click through to the full size picture. and another view the same d

February 2003

Valentine/Anniversary Tulips from 

February 17, 2003

Valentine/Anniversary Tulips from Chris.  13 Years! 

 Don't miss the bathroom pictures!

And, wanted you to see our ice.   Nice, eh?  We rarely get ice IN the inner harbor--behind our house--but it is there today. Not enough for Bruce to walk across but enough!

 ice1.jpg (98746 bytes)

February 12, 2003

We went over to Acadia in early February to celebrate the snow. And we found Aunt Betty Pond!

pandbskilttop.jpg (21537 bytes)

January 28, 2003

The new picture on home page and above--as in no sense clicking on it, it doesn't do anywhere--was taken early morning last week when the sea smoke was doing its thing. With the temperature hardly ever out of the negative numbers, it has been a good season for sea smoke.

And there are a few pictures of Clare Dodson, new American Citizen. She says: "W. made me do it."

There is a new recipe for Gingerbread that is to be highly recommended. Bill says: "Superb."

There are some new pictures of Baby Jordan, Faye and Dickie Jordan's grandson out in Denver.

January 4, 2003

Well, it snowed today and one of the neighbors caught me on the swing in the back yard, enjoying the ocean view. The lighthouse wasn't visible in the fog, but it was a lovely view just the same. About 1-1.5 feet of snow, from 6AM til 6PM today.

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