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December 18, 2002

Well, I have finally put up a little bit of new stuff. It has been a busy year and days fly. I did do another site, for a local arts groups. Check it out: http://www.schoodicarts.org.

To cut to the chase and get to the Cranberry Orange Muffin recipe, click here.

May 30

Reunion pictures--some of mine so far--up for your enjoyment

May 16

I changed the home page, so that we could direct people to the Charles Francis Angione historical pictures more easily.

I also added the Angevin history, pronunciation info and Reunion info and map that Rey has sent.

April 26

Yup, it snowed today!

April 24

I realized that I hadn't updated the Pauline page since before we moved. Added a few new shots but have to get back to unpacking.

I also changed the font and spacing on the Navigation bars to the left. Comments?

April 21

Mary came to visit in Prospect Harbor and brought Clemens and some pictures. 

And, we put up some pictures for Bill to see since he is in Singapore.


April 15

The unpacking continues but tired of that picture. So this is one Nicol sent from Boulder of a recent sunset.

March 15

guestrm2.jpg (35863 bytes)     We're here. Along with ALL our stuff. More when we dig out. 

Feb 24

Feb 14th  

The dog is back on the home page. Happy Valentine, everyone.

And, there is a Mover's page.

New in February

Mostly house stuff: The Virtual Tour, and a repair to some Yard and Neighborhood links on the Prospect Harbor pages.

And, I have added a "Getting Around" page with general instructions re navigating within the site. Instead of putting that info on each page, it is all here and on the Navigation bar.

New January 24, 2002

A bunch of little stuff and our black dog friend on the home page. I was looking for something Spring-like and cheery, and the heart was just a bonus.

There are also some new recipes. Scones. Cooked Frosting. I am reorganizing the recipe page so that the recipes are each on a separate page so that you can print just one.

2002 is Above--the Year of the Move from Colorado to Maine


2001 is Below

New December 27 2001

New December 18, 2001

I put up my Christmas letter for this year. Which has links to the Prospect Harbor pictures, etc.

New December 17, 2001

I corrected the spelling errors, so that the URL goes to the Prospect Harbor house picture update.

New Dec 10

For your sweet tooth: 

New Dec 9

  • Not much. I found and fixed Harry so he can also appear full size. 

  • I took Bill's Japan trip off in the interests of space. It is, I believe, still up on one of his sites, but I don't have the URL at "press time".

  • A few Christmas GIF's on the home page, and the 1955 Christmas Card cover.

New Nov 18

I put newer pictures into the pages for Prospect Harbor. You can see the progress since January.

New Nov 14

New working link to Chuck and Dawn's site. To go there directly: http://www.sgmlxml.net/angione/

New November 6, 7, 8, 10

While home in Boulder I am taking advantage of the T1 line to do a few posting. Molasses Cookies is the first. You have already seen Maggie on the home page but to see her in all her finery, click here. Stay tuned for more And, a pretty sunset, just for pretty..

Nov 8, added Mary's Irish Raisin Cake

Nov 10, the '88 Subaru gets a bath..

New October

New September 2001

PVA Birthday presents!

Recipes now include Blueberry pie.

New July 14, 2001

Chris went to Rochester and sent some pictures of Aunt Betty  .

New July 12 2001

12outwindow0712.jpg (58203 bytes)  I am here in Prospect Harbor. The new picture is the view out my office window. The room doubles as a guest bedroom. "You can also hear the water outside as the tide comes in and out. Come see us!

And, yes, Genevieve R. McCarthy Angione was born 95 years ago today.

New June 27--Updates on Kathleen's Trip

New June 22, 2001

Kathleen:  Late but finally here. Pictures from Kathleen's Graduation, May 20 in St. Pete and a few shots of her cross-country trip--including stops in Boulder and Salt Lake.

AND introducing our first Mystery Link. Feeling Lucky?  ?????? 

New April 25, 2001

Cookie recipe added.  And there is another one at: http://www.bertc.com/neiman.htm

New April 19, 2001

Pictures of Mary, friends and fans at the 2001 Boston Marathon.

New April 18, 2001 PM

Fixed Jeremiah, actually I couldn't find anything wrong. Chris??

Added a GRADUATION Planner on Kathleen's page to track airline arrivals, departures, hotels, rides. etc. Send me your info and I will post.

Turned Gus right side up. But he is still asleep. 
And, remember, Jude's beads are at: http://www.angione.com/JudesBeads.html

New April 18, 2001

Jamie and Joan Dodson are getting out of the army and into an new house. See the pictures by clicking here.

New April 11, 2001 

Results at:   Monday April 16 in Boston. 
More info at:  http://www.bostonmarathon.org/

New April 7, 2001

Art from Rachel.

New April 5, 2001

New picture from Kathleen and friends and Blue Hair.. Check it out. (She has, thus, relinquished the Kilroy Award. While I get caught up on posting the backlog of all that you have sent me, guess I get the Kilroy.

New April 2, 2001

Bought more space, so was able to post some stuff.  See the school pictures from Chris and Pauline and some of the shots from Chris's Digital camera.

Not much time for posting but hope to get back to it soon.

New 23/24 February

Chris visits Prospect Harbor with her camera. See the results. Don't forget to see the new picture of her Christmas Tree.

And, another AngiNews from Jude--this one November 1947. And, the start of the AngiNews Info Grid, a table to info as Jude finds it as she types..

New: 06/7 February 2001

Jude Types Up A STORM: AngiNews homeSeptember 1947 and October 1947. The crocheted tablecloth saga, Genevieve plays piano, Pauline changes her name several times and survives pollen infections--I can remember waking up and having to feel my way along the hallway to get the salve that I put on my eyelashes to unstuck them enough so that I could open my eyes--ah, memories of childhood....read on.

New: 03 February 2001

In general I am going to be putting something new on the home page each time I post a bunch of new stuff. And, I hyperlink the picture to the page it is on. So, click on the picture on the home page picture for new stuff.

Howard has been busy with the scanner again. New ones of the Counselor and the Commissioner building fireplaces, Pauline and Chris Year Book Pictures, Marty, Chloe with us kids at 92, and Friends Christmas cards from Dec 2000.

And from my treasure trove of goodies the sketch that Marjorie Cox did of me on a piece of notepaper. With blue lines removed one pixel at a time by Bill. For the before see.

New: 24 January 2001

Jude has supplied the fun filled and jam packed issue of the AngiNews from July/August 1947. Read about Howard's broken leg, Grandma McCarthy's visit, etc.

Jude has also started a table of "key events" in our lives a recorded in AngiNews--sickness, visits, etc. Stay tuned.

There is a fritter recipe in the Recipe folder which folder has been moved up to the home page as a link.

And there are some new pix on the Rochester Angione pix pages. Plymouth Park and Pauline at first Christmas.

NEW: 23 January 2001

Well, I do seem to have trouble keeping my hands off the Prospect Harbor page. I added some shots of the yard, the neighborhood, and Acadia Park. And, put back the URL to the site that Bill put up re how we found it.

New: 22 January 2001

  • Several pages re the Prospect Harbor house, now that it is ours.

  • Recipes page in Pauline section. To date:

    • Pie Crust a la Crisco

    • Apple Crisp

    • Eggplant Stuff

    • Fritters

NEW 01/09/01

  • Howard sent more pix of Genevieve's ancestors so the ended up on a GRA Ancestors page, which see.  Includes an even earlier one of Chloe at ~3.

  • I assume Grandma McC destroyed the picture of Harry that would have completed the Jeremiah's offspring. Too bad, they are wonderful pictures of Grandpa McC's siblings.

  • Animals also got their own page--for now under Howard/Maryann, since Howard scanned them.

  • Genevieve shows up with Charles on the new Charles Family page, with Hanni, and with the cover of the second book.

  • Howard also offered a few specials of himself during the awkward years--sweeping as McQuaid and one where THE TRUTH came out about how he broke his leg.

  • Hanni made the spotlight--with Genevieve at Niagara Falls?? along with an "awkward stage" picture of me.

  • Another unseen picture of Charles about to dive off a dock. 

  • Charles' younger days pictures are still on his home page, but the later ones, with Genevieve and us are now on a separate Family page, but you can navigate there from the CFA page) and on the Howard/Maryann Page. And, there are some new pix of him there.

  • All for now, folks!

  • Well, don't miss Terry in Sr. Mary of the Woodpile's class.

NEW 01/04/01

A few new pictures, and some format changes:

  • Genevieve in 1909 with her flowers and in her necktie. I also put in thumbnails instead of just links on this page to Ancestors, Jeremiah, Harry, Mary, etc. e.g. a new picture of  Chloe at 21. 

  • Charles in 1933 which was also his 1933 Driver's license picture. Again, I put in thumbnails not just links, e.g. Nonie.

  • This is Christine, not Howard

  • Jude--some formal shots circa 1 year old?

NEW: 01/01/01 !!!! Lots of New Pictures

And updates on lots of pages in order to include all the pictures that Howard scanned over the holidays. So, there are changes on almost every page:

  • Charles (Howard's father), Wonderful scouting and hockey pictures and his mother.

  • Genevieve with pictures of herself, her brother Justin, parents, grandparent, etc.

  • Howard, way back when. Includes (since Howard scanned them) Terrance O'Toole, Meow, BeBe. Also see the Duffy's, Ann M, Early Beach of Chuck, Mary and Kathleen.... 

  • Chris, from 1943 to this past Thanksgiving/Christmas

  • Pauline, from 1943 to this Christmas

  • Jude, from 1950 to ?? with Aunt Betty

  • And a few at Rochester---that my be duplicate references

  • Chuck and Dawn--don't forget the puppy

  • Mary---not much new here, unless I reference the kiddy pix from Howard

  • Kathleen---the kiddy pix strike again.

  • And, if you like babies, there are some cute,  unlinked ones at Jill and Chloe--I work with Jill in our UK office. Her Chloe is 2 months old.

Suggestions for organization welcome. I have been duplicating LINKS to some photos when they contain more than one person. Not consistent with this yet, but not sure how much of it to do, either. E.G. should I dup the picture of Howard, Chris and Pauline on the bench on : Howard's home page, Chris's home page, Pauline's home page and Rochester???

And, what do we think of the gray/silver background? Or, the beige background on Howard/Maryann page?/ Feedback.

2001 is Above


2000 is Below

NEW: Dec 29, 2000

NEW: Dec 27, 2000

As Chris observed, recently, the site is now 2 years old! Front Page sure makes it easier. If you want to post your own stuff--hint, hint--just ask the Web Mistress. Glad to help.

NEW Dec 13, 2000: Crestfallen Manor Pictures Back Up

Go see them at Rochester, Crestfallen Manor Web

New Dec 13, 2000: Mt. Stephen Pictures Back Up

See them at Jude/Lynn Mt. Stephen.

NEW Dec 12, 2000: Chuck and Dawn Buy a House

See the pictures  at New House

Dec 2, 2000: Offer Accepted!! A Taker for the "AngiNews" Prime Key Job!!

YES! Jude has offered to make at start at least--there are some 55 pages--and Bill and I are scanning/copying anything that works--to get readable copies to her. 

See the results of her first one at: AngiNews Apr47.  This is actually a good issue to start with since it explains HOW they made the copies.  

Web Site Still Under Construction--Recent ReOrg


In the spirit of Internet offers everywhere, in response to positive customer demand and customer confusion, and since I now know how to change the directory structure on the site and provide you with Navigation bars--we now have a ROCHESTER History section. It includes AngiNews, Crestfallen Manor beginnings and Misc. other pix. Stay tuned.

This is a departure from the structure I have (sort of) been using, where each of us posts stuff under our own section. But that buries things that relate to many of us. Let me know how/if you like it. (Clicking on the Let me know....should open up an email to me in your mail tool. If it doesn't just send me email anyway.)

Construction Progress--Thumbnails Progress

As above, Crestfallen Manor and Mt. Stephen pages are back but

  • Nicol's Prom pictures---but they were a prom ago...but the 1999 Prom pictures are still missing.

And, although there are some navigation bars, you will have to use the BACK button on your browser to get from the picture files back to the page from which you launched them.

NEW Pages:

REV PVA/ipj 9 Jan 2004